Our Philosophy

Customer success—the art of sustainably delivering service that exceeds expectations—requires a strong operational foundation. It’s about giving a memorable customer interaction, but also having the infrastructure to do it consistently and effectively every time.  It’s about truly aligning your business to focus on value, visibility and scale. Customer Zen understands not just the idea of meaningful customer interaction, but the operational technologies and techniques that ensure it.


It’s your impact: how you solve a problem, provide a new capability, or generate a benefit.

  • Value starts with the first impression.
  • Your customer will be excited about their purchase. Are you providing a quick, clear path to success?
  • Strong support ensures maximum value from the solution, and reinforces customer loyalty.

Measuring your service efficiency lets you focus limited resources on what your customers need most.

  • Adopt simple frameworks to gather intelligence.
  • Access and analyze the data that will let you nurture your growth.
  • Better understand your business through customer feedback, service transaction metrics, and insights from product experts and other customers.
  • Guide your customer to more rapidly achieve value.

As you grow, make sure that every single customer in 10,000 or 100,000 is getting the same excellence as your first 10 customers.

  • Strategic investment in automated operations lets you serve a rapidly expanding customer base.
  • Start a customer engagement system: Simple case handling, or a more robust Customer Relationship Management solution.
  • Next, integrate social channels, phone, chat, forums and portals so that you’re providing the right support the way your customers need it.