Finding Ways To Delight Your Customers

Posted on Jan 30, 2013 in Experience, Value | 0 comments

A big recurring theme around Customer Zen is finding examples of exceptional customer experiences.  Often, the product or service I receive from a company is secondary to how they make me feel, and most importantly, to what degree they make me feel I am important to them.  More often these days, social forums reflect and amplify the customer experience, and the brilliant 5 star rating (or dreadful one star) tells someone exactly what to expect from your organization. On a recent trip with friends to Miami, I was reminded yet again exactly how those glowing 5 star reviews are earned, and...

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Customer Success Is An Attitude, Not A Department

Posted on Dec 19, 2012 in Experience, Social, Strategy, Value | 1 comment

This article is first in a series based on interviews conducted by Customer Zen with leaders in the field of Customer Success.  This week, we spoke with David Hare of Ooyala, a company dedicated to bringing video experiences to your mobile devices. Creating a balance of mutual success and value for both a company and its customers means being highly attuned to the needs of that customer.  No longer can an organization rely on an outsourced call center to answer questions and solve issues for their customers; now customer success operations must be fully visible to their clients and nimble...

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Guest Blog: Dan Steinman – Tracking Customer Success ROI

Posted on Dec 5, 2012 in Experience, Value, Visibility | 0 comments

Perspective, in any business, is a valuable asset.  From time to time, I find it valuable to share the ideas of colleagues with interesting perspectives on the functions of Customer Success.  This week, I have invited Dan Steinman, Chief Customer Officer at JBara Software to share his thoughts on how to track the financial return of the often intangible impact of Customer Success. A tricky question I get asked all the time from those running Customer Success organizations is “How do you determine the ROI of a Customer Success team?”  In some ways it’s an unfair question because the R...

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Why Does The Customer Experience Matter?

Posted on Nov 1, 2012 in Experience, Social, Value | 0 comments

Many companies I work with have the fortune of creating a great product or service that immediately gains popularity because their focus is on providing an excellent customer experience.  These companies have taken up the challenge of figuring out how to best serve their customers while looking far enough ahead to grow and deliver this experience at scale.  When companies build their product or service with the customer experience in mind from day one, they create excited, loyal customers who are eager to tell their friends about their experience. Recently, my daughters and I spent a...

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