Customer Success Is An Attitude, Not A Department

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This article is first in a series based on interviews conducted by Customer Zen with leaders in the field of Customer Success.  This week, we spoke with David Hare of Ooyala, a company dedicated to bringing video experiences to your mobile devices.

Creating a balance of mutual success and value for both a company and its customers means being highly attuned to the needs of that customer.  No longer can an organization rely on an outsourced call center to answer questions and solve issues for their customers; now customer success operations must be fully visible to their clients and nimble enough to address their ever-evolving needs.

For David Hare, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Ooyala, this meant building a company culture around putting the customer first.  “Every single person in the company feels like Customer Success is their responsibility.  We have a motto of ‘Customer Success is an attitude, not a department,” says David.

Ooyala, which provides the technology and services for media companies, service providers and brands to deliver personalized video experiences across all devices, meets the call of putting the customer first by focusing each team in the organization on helping the customer succeed.  By leading the Customer Success Managers team, the Professional Services team and the Technical Support team, Hare leverages the complimentary skills of these departments to provide a consistently excellent customer experience.

With an integrated data system used across all three core segments of the team, Ooyala can ensure all of the information collected formally or informally is available to any individual at any time.  And with social applications becoming deeply important assets to any customer success organization, Ooyala provides a knowledge base and community platform for customers to interact with the company and with each other.

“There is no such thing as being ‘too social,” says David.  “With the advent of social media, companies have had to focus a lot more on delivering an excellent service experience.  With Facebook and Twitter, you can share your experiences with thousands of people instantaneously, and the new generations are expecting richer, online self-services capabilities.”

For companies like Ooyala, those capabilities, like Salesforce Chatter and Service Cloud, allow them to stay tightly coupled with key stakeholders and maintain close collaboration across teams and regions. Additionally, maintaining a robust, easily accessible communal knowledge base allows customers to source their solutions with little hassle, while providing access to a real person who understands their needs.

These innovations only work, however, if the company behind them is focused on providing the customer with an exceptional experience from start to finish.  According to Hare, having the success managers, professional services and technical support all under one organization focuses the company on the evolving needs of their customers.

“We stay close enough to our customers so they maintain an ongoing understanding of our service offerings and innovations while keeping finely attuned to their needs.  In this way we help customers better maximize their technology and service investments,” says David.

Staying close to customers, and striving to always put the customer first, is what makes Ooyala a great company.  Simply put for David and his customers, “We share in each others success.”

David Hare is an expert in the field of Customer Success with over 30 years of building, designing and managing world-class service delivery organizations.  David serves as an advisor to both the Technology Services Industry Association and the Center for Service Leadership and is the director of noHold, Inc.

With over 1000 clients in more than 130 countries, Ooyala powers multi-device video for the world’s biggest media companies and brands.

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  1. Fantastic article! Chock-full of great, inspiring, pithy wisdom. I will be sharing this with my staff. Thank you!

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