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The Zen Of Success: Where to Start?

Posted on Jul 25, 2012 in Strategy | 1 comment

This article is the first in a series titled “The Zen Of Success”. By Laurie Jacobson Jones Before aspiring cabbies in London can get behind the wheel of one of those famous black taxis, they have to spend almost three years on average learning every street, lane and alley of that vast city.  It is only after a grueling oral exam of the most efficient routes between two points and how best to navigate the maddening crush of traffic that success is earned.  I like to remind myself of this each time I step into a new company to either build a customer success operation from scratch or...

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Welcome CustomerZen

Posted on Jul 18, 2012 in Scale, Strategy, Value, Visibility | 0 comments

Great customer success comes from balancing the hard work and creativity of a company with the value received by its customer.  There is a kind of harmony when great customer success occurs; a streamlined, seemingly effortless delivery of your product that flows unobstructed into your customer’s operations.  That balance is what we all seek when we set out to earn our customer’s business, and enabling others to achieve that balance is what drove me to found Customer Zen. Whether your company is a small startup of young, hotshot designers or an established, fast-growing brand with an...

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